Child Resistant Glass Jars

  • Description

    Are you looking for a safe and secure way to store your cannabis flower and weed products? Look no more. Medlock’s Child Resistant Cannabis Glass Jars from our CannaLock™ range are absolutely perfect for your cannabis and weed storage needs. Available in different fill capacities and heights, these child resistant cannabis storage jars with several additional and beneficial features are made in Canada using the highest quality standards and with respect to the government’s compliant policies.

    Each one of these glass weed jars is:

    • Made from high-quality, safe food content glass, an excellent PET plastic alternative
    • Ideal for cannabis flower and weed products
    • Has a wide mouth for easier filling and access
    • Child resistant to keep out of children’s reach
    • Leak proof to prevent spills
    • Odor proof to confine smells
    • Comes with an airtight closure lid to maintain product integrity
    • You can customize the container upon request
    • Has a flush appearance
    • Opaque to hide contents
    • Perfect for bulk buying
    • Tested in labs
    • 100% recyclable

    Product Specifications:

    Below is a list of specifications for our cannabis storage jars:

    • Material: Glass
    • Diameter: 55 mm
    • Thread: 400
    • Neck size: 53 mm
    • Shape: Cylindrical
    • Colors available in stock: Black and white
    • Cap style options: 53 mm CR cap
    • Fill capacity available: 20 DR, 40 DR, and 60 DR
    • Item length: N/A
    • Item heights: 40 mm, 54 mm, and 68 mm

    Highlighted Features:
    1. Product Protection:

    The durability of the glass makes these jars an excellent choice for storing weed and cannabis edibles such as gummies and concentrates. The glass protects the products from oxygen and moisture, which can cause mold growth or dryness.

    2. UV Rays Blocking:

    Opaque glass jars are the best option to keep cannabis and weed products far from dangerous UV rays that can damage the product. Storing cannabis for a longer time requires keeping it in a sealed container in a dark place at room temperature to avoid degradation over time.

    3. Premium Look:

    With glass jars, you have a great opportunity for custom branding. You can add custom lids, labels, and wraps. A sleek, black, or white glass jar with a contrasting logo can make a real statement and give a premium and high-end professional look.

  • Fill capacity available: 20DR, 40DR, 60DR
  • Colors in stock: black, white
  • Customization: available upon request
Cap Style Options
  • 53mm CR Cap
Fill CapacityNeck SizeThreadDiameterHeight