ClickDose™ Dosage Control Dispensing Device

  • Description

    If you are in search of dosing syringes for personal or business use, you have come to the right place! MedLock Compliant Packaging Solutions offers a 1 ml dosing syringe as part of their CannaLock™ range called the ClickDose™ Dosage Control Dispensing Device. This single-dose syringe is best suited for suspending liquids, concentrates, and sticky oils such as MCT.

    Each one of our ClickDose™ 1 ml dosing syringes is:

    • Made of high-grade clear syringe plastic
    • Has a pointer tip for easy oral dose
    • Comes with a plastic plunger
    • Has a barrel design to prevent blockage caused by sticky oils like MCT after repeated use
    • Patented design for micro-dosing with stops at every 0.1ml
    • Comes individually wrapped to ensure a sterile environment
    • Has accurate measuring abilities (1 ml graduated measures)
    • Allows complete and consistent dispensing control
    • Prevents leakage when used with the matching stopper or orifice reducer
    • Transfer-proof

    Product Specifications:

    Below is a list of specifications for our 1 ml dosing syringe:

    • Fill capacity available: 1ml, 0.3ml and 0.5ml
    • Diameter of the tip: 5 mm
    • Colors available in stock: White

    Highlighted Features and Benefits:

    So what makes our 1 ml oral syringe worth purchasing?

    You might already be aware that cannabis extracts and liquid products come in very high concentrations (as high as 75% or 750 mg). Hence, using these extracts and concentrates requires great care. The wrong dosage can mess things up for your body. So how do our jaw-dropping graduated syringes help? They:

    • Allow spill-proof dosing
    • Are easy to use
    • Allow full control over the amount of liquid dispensed
    • Are portable and can easily be taken anywhere
    • Are marked and hence, are highly accurate
    • Are FDA-approved
    • Made from the best quality materials in controlled facilities in Canada
    • Can contain any liquid medicine, concentrate, oil, syrup, etc.

    Who Should Use Our 1 ml Medicine Syringe?

    Our single-dose syringe is perfect for you if you are an advanced CBD consumer looking for new, exciting methods to administer cannabis extracts, concentrates or oils. With the help of this product, you will be able to take your CBD consumption to the next level! You can also use this syringe for administering oral medicine doses, such as giving polio drops to a child and measuring quantities of different substances.

  • Fill capacity available: 1ml, 0.3ml, 0.5ml
  • Colors in stock: white
Fill CapacityNeck SizeThreadDiameterHeight
1mln/an/a5mm tipn/a
0.3mln/an/a5mm tipn/a
0.5mln/an/a5mm tipn/a