ClickDose™ Dosage Control Dispensing Device

  • Description
    Plastic 2-piece syringe with 5mm pointer tip, plastic plunger and barrel design to prevent blockage caused by sticky oils (ie. MCT) after repeated use, patented design for micro-dosing with stops at every 0.1ml, individually wrapped to ensure a sterile environment, 1ml graduated measures enable accurate and consistent dispensing control, no transfer leakage when used with the matching stopper/orifice reducer that comes with CannaLock’s 18-415 cap
  • Fill capacity available: 1ml, 0.3ml, 0.5ml
  • Colors in stock: white
Fill CapacityNeck SizeThreadDiameterHeight
1mln/an/a5mm tipn/a
0.3mln/an/a5mm tipn/a
0.5mln/an/a5mm tipn/a