Does Weed Go Bad Over Time?

When you buy large quantities of weed, you can store it away somewhere safe and forget where you stored it. This usually makes the weed stay for a long time without being touched. However, many cannabis users who store their weed away for long often ask if weed can get bad over time.

The truth is that weed does go bad over time. This is especially true if you don’t store your weed properly. If you don’t store weed properly for a long period, the bud can become stale or lose its THC potency.  THC is the cannabis compound responsible for making you high.  So, weed does go bad.

Why Does Weed Go Bad?

Now, you must have known that weed goes bad over time but what causes it to go bad. You may also be asking the question; how long does it take for your stash to dry out?

The main reason why your weed goes bad is because of improper storage. But, before we go detailly on the different methods of properly storing your weed, it’s good to understand the chemical compounds that are in marijuana and how these compounds may react when exposed to certain environments.

The cannabis plant contains numerous compounds and terpenes which work synergistically to produce the entourage effect. Both terpenes and cannabinoids have their specific roles. Moreover, combining cannabinoids and terpenes leads to a unique high.

When cannabis grows from seed to plant it produces a compound called cannabigerolic acid (CBGa). This compound is then synthesized by enzymes in the cannabis plant which converts it into one of three major cannabinoids: THCA, CBDA, or CBCA. When these cannabinoids are exposed to heat it creates THC or CBD (Cannabidiol) that we all know about.

The potency of cannabis varies from one strain to another as well as its harvesting and curing process. When you expose your cannabis to excessive heat or light during storage, chemical compounds such as THC are broken down which makes the weed ineffective.

This effect also affects cannabis that’s left untouched for a very long time without proper storage. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your cannabis stash away from heat or light. Dried cannabis is no different from any other dried herb and its natural content will eventually break down. This is particularly true if you improperly store the cannabis or expose it to heat and light.

Therefore, if your cannabis stash is altered in any way then it may prompt it to become bad. When weed goes bad, the potency of THC significantly decreases and, in some cases, the oils will evaporate. So, individuals who consume it won’t feel the same high that comes from freshly harvested weed.

How to know when your weed is bad?

When your weed goes bad, it begins to show some signs that can be quite unnoticeable for novice cannabis users. let’s look at some of these signs.

The popular way to know if your weed has gone bad is by checking the following four factors: appearance, smell, taste, and feel.

  • Appearance: High-quality weed should have a green color with orange pistils and icy trichomes. When your weed starts changing color, it may be because of temperature changes. Also, cannabis buds can get extremely wet over time making them hard to consume. Another sign of bad cannabis is mold. If your weed has a lot of molds, then you should get rid of it.
  • Flavor: Potent cannabis emits a pungent smell which is mostly due to the terpenes in cannabis. If your weed lacks a pungent smell or doesn’t smell at all then there’s a good chance that your weed has gone stale. If your weed smells like mold or any other strange smell, then toss it away!
  • Taste: Bad weed lacks the flavorful smell that comes from fresh weed. While you can still smoke this type of weed, it won’t get you high in any way. This is mostly because as potency reduces, the taste will also reduce.
  • Feel: Breaking your buds apart will help you know if your weed is bad or not. If your weed is crunchy and easily breaks into pieces crumbling into pieces, then it’s a sign of good weed. However, if your buds are heavy and moist, then it’s been exposed to too much moisture and could contain mold.

How to Properly Store Your Weed?

Now that you know the signs of bad weed, it’s essential to know how to properly store weed. Cannabis sold in dispensaries follows compliant packaging which prevents children from getting access to the package.

For proper storage ensure to keep your weed away from elements that will make it lose its freshness and THC content.

Cannabis storage jars can secure your weed and prevent it from getting worse. Common examples include airtight containers like glass weed jars, mason jars, or any solid container. If you prefer storing your weed in glass weed jars, ensure to keep it in a dark space and away from any light source or humidity. Glass easily attracts light which can degrade your weed over time.

For long-term storage, it’s preferable to use an opaque, dark-colored jar that shields your weed from both light and moisture.

We don’t recommend that you store weed in a plastic bag because it can absorb the smell and taste of the plastic giving you less desired effects.

We recommend using vacuum seal containers to store your weed so that no air can get at it. Also, keep weed away from pets by hiding it in a drawer. Pets have a habit of finding your stash due to its pungent smell.

Bottom line

Cannabis is growing in popularity each day because of its ability to help users both recreationally and medically. However, for cannabis to work well you must ensure proper storage and make sure it doesn’t go bad. Store your weed in an airtight container free from heat, sunlight, and moisture. Using the best storage mediums will guarantee that you have very fresh and potent weed that can last up to a year.

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