The Do’s and Don’ts of Storing Your Weed

Cannabis needs to be fresh to enjoy its properties. But having it fresh for weeks is something that most people don’t understand. Marijuana storage is essential for every cannabis consumer. If you buy weed but don’t know how to store it then it will affect product integrity.

But if you know the basics of storing cannabis then your weed can last for as long as you choose.

Several key elements come into play when it comes to marijuana storage.

– Light

– Air

– Humidity

– Heat

If you want your buds to regain maximum freshness after you purchase them then you have to keep these factors in mind.

If you store your cannabis correctly, it can last about six months before losing potency. If you understand the do’s and don’ts of marijuana storage, then you’ll get the most out of your weed for a long time.

How to keep weed fresh

Many people are searching about “the best way to keep my weed fresh”. However, there are several factors to consider on how to keep weed fresh.

To keep weed fresh, you have to store it in an airtight container that’s resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations. Store it in cool and dry areas with temperatures of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use environments that have humidity levels of 55% to 62%. It’s also best to use a humidity packet for optimal dryness.

For marijuana storage, it’s best to use weed stash jars.

A weed stash jar can be made from recycled glass jar or clay. There are several varieties of weed stash jars including.

– PET plastic weed jars

– Glass weed jars

– Metal weed jars

You can choose one that matches your lifestyle and habits.

A weed stash jar will keep your weed dry, prevent it from smelling and shield it from light. These containers will retain the freshness and potency of your weed for up to two years.

The best weed stash jars are glass weed jars. These types of weed stash jars keep with longer than other materials and they are trusted by most dispensaries around the world.

Glass weed jars have an airtight barrier that secures your weed protected from elements of degradation.

How long does weed stay good

This is a popular question asked by most cannabis enthusiasts. Weed is a perishable good and just like food, it will one day expire.

how long your weed stays good will depend on how you store it. The longevity of your weed will depend on several factors including.

– Temperature

– Light

These elements play a huge role in the degradation and safekeeping of cannabis.

Why temperature is essential

Very high temperatures can make your cannabis completely dry as well as ruin its flavor and potency. Heat also drains the oil inside the plant, resulting in a harsh and unpleasant smoking experience.

Very low temperatures can slow the process of “decarboxylation”, making you unable to enjoy the high from your weed. The process of Decarboxylation is responsible for activating the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. This process also converts THCA (a non-psychoactive cannabinoid) into THC. Therefore, extreme cold prevents your weed from giving you the best possible experience.

Why Light is essential

Cannabis needs UV light to grow indoors. But when trimmed and cured, these UV lights can be harmful to the plants.

Light can degrade your harvested cannabis, especially when exposed for a long time. Dried cannabis can lose its natural color as well as its taste and potency when exposed to high amounts of sunlight. Sunlight usually negatively affects the development of cannabinoids.

The do’s of cannabis storage

Use the right size container. If you pack your cannabis to fill the container, it will degrade more quickly. However, if the container provides ample space for the dried flower, it will dry it more quickly. Use a smaller glass jar for storage for longevity.

Storing cannabis for more than a few weeks after opening requires you to use something to keep it from drying out. A humidity pack will regulate the moisture levels to relative humidity (RH) between 50-68% which is ideal for marijuana storage. Also, ensure that the humidity levels don’t surpass 75% or your weed will begin to mold.

Other dos include.

– Store your weed away from direct sunlight in a cool, dark, dry place

– Target temperature levels a little under room temperature

– Ensure to use containers with a neutral charge such as glass weed jars

– Ensure to store the jars in a low shelf, cupboard, or your basement.

– Ensure your jars are airtight to reduce oxygen exposure

– Do look out for the latest cannabis storage solutions on the market

– Do keep weed out of reach for children or pets

– Do store cannabis in a dark place

The don’ts of cannabis storage

– Don’t leave your cannabis exposed in the open air.

– Don’t allow your weed exposed to light, heat, humidity, dust, pollutants, germs, and curious cats. Exposing your weed to oxygen will quickly wipe all its potency and high.

– Don’t allow your cannabis buds under direct sunlight. This could diminish its color, make it brittle, and slowly prevent the functioning of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids – thus losing potency and flavor.

– Avoid storing in a refrigerator, because temperature variations from opening and closing the fridge can result in mildew and mold growth.

– Avoid storing your stash above the stove, near gadgets, or any other heat source.

– Don’t store your weed in paper or aluminum foil because they can’t protect your weed from humidity and temperature changes.

– Don’t mishandle your weed or you could damage its silvery trichomes. These silvery trichomes are where all your weed’s health benefits, effects, and potency originate.

– Don’t freeze your buds. Putting your buds or nugs in a deep freezer is somewhat controversial because the extreme cold can make your weed crumbly, brittle and trichomes may reduce under cold.


Understanding the dos and don’ts of storing your weed will help to retain its natural effects, flavors, and aromas. And whether you are a medicinal or recreational user, having a fresh bud is essential for a great smoking experience.

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