How to Keep Weed Fresh at Home?

How to keep weed fresh is a question most cannabis enthusiasts want to know at some stage of their life. Many elements determine whether your fresh will remain fresh or not. Knowing how to handle these factors will help you on how to have the best weed. In this article, we will discuss a few tips on how to preserve weed so that you can always have fresh weed to consume.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen an evolution of different cannabis packaging materials intending to make cannabis fresh. How you store weed will highly determine its freshness and longevity. So, these tips on how to keep weed fresh will be very essential.

Does weed go bad?

One of the most common questions among cannabis enthusiasts is whether weed goes bad or not.

So, does weed go bad? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Like any other plant, cannabis can go bad if not properly stored.

To prevent your weed from getting bad you have to take into consideration three main elements including.

– Air

– Light/Heat

– Moisture

Excess air can reduce the potency of your cannabis stash and eventually cause it to go bad. Most individuals make the mistake of leaving their buds on a table overnight while forgetting to tighten the lid of the container. This is a common mistake and learning to pack your weed after rolling it will lead to longevity.

Exposing your cannabis to light can cause your weed to get bad. Light exposure reduces the terpenes and essential compounds of your weed. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give cannabis an outstanding smell. They are also highly influential in the taste of your weed. To preserve the terpenes in weed, avoid putting your cannabis near artificial and natural light.

Another factor that can cause your weed to get bad is heat. Light and electronic devices can generate heat. It’s recommended to keep your weed stash away from these factors that can potentially make your weed get bad.

To prevent any issues from happening to your weed, read our tips on how to keep weed fresh for months.

How to keep your weed fresh for months

Storing weed properly will provide it with great taste, potency, and freshness. While weed naturally degrades over time, science shows that effective storage can preserve your weed for up to two years. Here’s what you need to know about how to keep weed fresh for months.

Fresh weed has all the primary cannabinoids such as CBD, and THC. These cannabinoids offer a lot of therapeutic and medicinal properties. However, if you don’t know how to keep your weed fresh and moist, it will become bad in no time. Improperly storing your weed will make it lose its potent ingredients. Therefore, it’s essential to know to preserve weed.

The best method for storing fresh weed is to use glass weed jars. Glass naturally preserves fresh items which is the reason why many dispensaries use glass weed jars. If you take a step forward and apply humidity control, you will know how to keep weed fresh and moist.

Humidity is an essential aspect when it comes to how to keep weed fresh. Knowing humidity control will help prevent your weed from contaminants like mold and mildew which usually affect fresh weed. Fresh weed is susceptible to temperature and humidity variations, which is why good maintenance is necessary.

If you maintain the correct humidity levels, then you will always have fresh weed at home. It’s essential to store your weed in a glass weed jar and away from light. Also, keep your weed away from cold and wet places. Simply put it in a glass weed jar and place it on the counter or in your kitchen.

How to store weed

Use weed stash jars

There are multiple ways on how to store weed, but only a handful of methods are truly effective. Most people just throw their weed in a drawer or worst still, use a plastic bag. The best way to store weed is to use high-quality weed stash jars such as glass weed jars.

Preserving your cannabis buds in glass weed jars is the safest storage method. Glass weed jars prevent factors such as moisture and oxygen from entering the weed. Glass weed jars are also extremely cost-effective and a good bang for your bucks. After filling your weed in a glass weed jar, ensure to store it in a place such as a drawer or a cupboard where there is low light and sun.

Store your weed in a cool, dry place

No matter the storage medium you use to keep your cannabis fresh, it’s essential to store it in the right place. Harvested cannabis doesn’t like being exposed to elements such as heat, moisture, sunlight, and oxygen.

For the best results, we recommend storing your weed in a cool, dry place. This can include places like a drawer or a cabinet or any place where your weed won’t be affected by extreme light, heat, or moisture.

Use humidity packs

Learning how to keep weed fresh requires the use of humidity control packages. Boveda packs are popular and it’s common among most cannabis breeders.

Humidity control packs retain the freshness of your weed for a long tie. It also makes your weed high quality even after several months. Humidity packs allow you to enjoy the primary compounds of cannabis even after several months of storage.

Bottom line

Every cannabis enthusiast needs to take the necessary steps to keep their weed fresh. It’s an easy process to follow. All you need to do is store your weed in a clean, dry container such as a glass weed jar and keep it in a cool, dry place. You can use humidity as well.

And finally, do your best to open your weed jar only once a day.

So, if you have read the tips mentioned in this article on how to keep weed fresh, you’ll succeed in preserving your weed.

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