Child Resistant, Tamper Evident, 22mm Narrow Neck Square Methadone Bottle

  • Description

    MedLock’s all-new Methadone take home bottles are the newest addition to the LiquiMedLock™ range. We specifically developed these one-step click-lock methadone bottles to help streamline the process of tamper sealing. Along with the specially designed locking tray system, these methadone packaging bottles allow quick, efficient, and safe storage for extracts, concentrates, suspensions, syrups, and other liquids.

    Each one of these Methadone take home bottles:

    • Is made of high-density PET plastic
    • Has space-efficient packing
    • Is shatterproof
    • Is made from BPA free plastic
    • Is leak-proof and leak-resistant
    • Is compatible with all LiquiMedLock™ 22 mm 1-step closures
    • Features closures and a leak-resistant ring
    • Has a push down-turn child-proof cap and tamper-evident band, which is secured when the cap is click-lock closed firmly onto the bottle
    • Shows signs of interference when the safety ring is broken

    Product Specifications:

    Below is a list of specifications for our Methadone take home bottles:

    • Item heights: 73 mm, 85 mm, 99 mm, 109 mm, and 117 mm
    • Item length: 31 mm, 33 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, and 49 mm
    • Item width: 31 mm, 33 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, and 49 mm
    • Bottle weight: 10 g, 13 g, 18 g, 21 g, and 28 g
    • Fill capacity available: 30 ml, 60 ml, 100 ml, 150 ml, and 200 ml
    • Neck size: 22 mm (narrow)
    • Thread: 410
    • Shape: Square-neck cylinder
    • Color available in stock: Amber
    • Cap style options:
      • TE and CR
      • TE and non-CR
      • TE and CR with an adapter plug

    How to Use Our Methadone Liquid Bottle

    You must use our methadone dispensing bottles with great care. You must ensure you properly close the cap while securing the bottle. You should be able to hear a “click” sound that will lock the ring band onto the bottle.

    After hearing this sound, continue to twist the cap until it is fully fastened on the bottle. If you do not hear a “click” sound, you should check visibly to ensure the tamper-evident band is showing. You can also shake the bottle to check if it’s secure or to check for any leakage.

    Our methadone bottles are tamper-evident protected only on the first closing. Hence, please do not use them to fill new prescriptions. The CR cap on these bottles will allow the outer structure to spin freely while maintaining the lock-seal integrity simultaneously.

  • Fill capacity available: 30ml, 60ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml
Cap Style Options
  • TE and CR
  • TE and non-CR
  • TE and CR with adapter plug
Fill CapacityNeck sizeThreadLengthWidthHeightBottle Weight