Child Resistant, Tamper Evident, 32mm Narrow Neck Square Methadone Bottle

  • Description
    32mm wide neck, high density PET plastic, square shape for easy grip and space efficient packing, shatter proof, BPA free plastic, leak resistant, compatible with all LiquiMedLock 32mm 1-step closures, child resistant, tamper evident.

    High-density Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles and closures feature a leak-resistant ring, push down-turn child-resistant cap and tamper-evident band which is secured when the cap is click-lock closed firmly onto the bottle. Opening the bottle breaks the safety ring, showing signs of interference.

    Our one-step click-lock bottles and closures were developed to help streamline the script fill process inclusive of tamper sealing. Along with the specially designed TrayLock™ locking tray system, these two products make for a quick, efficient and safe Leading Practise program.

    To ensure proper closure when securing the cap on the bottle, you should hear a click locking the ring band to the bottle as you continue to twist till fully fastened. If you do not hear a click-lock, check visibly to ensure the tamper-evident band is showing secure and shake the bottle to check for any leakage.

    Our bottle closures are tamper-evident protected only on the first closing and should not be re-used to fill new prescriptions. The C/R properties of the cap will allow the outer assembly to freely spin while maintaining lock-seal integrity.
  • Fill capacity available: 100ml
Cap Style Options
  • TE and CR
  • TE and non-CR
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