Vacuum Collection Tube

  • Description

    PET plastic tube with evacuated closure, leak and spill proof, shatter proof, expiration date printed on tube

    Ensure accuracy and minimize risk of sample contamination with the our urine transfer device.

    – Collection cup with integrated transfer tube is quick and easy to use.

    – Direct transfer of sample reduces errors and maintains efficient workflow.

    Easy to Use

    – Collect a urine sample in the Collection Cup and label the Transfer Tube accordingly.

    – Peel off the top label seal of the collection cup.

    – Invert the transfer tube and place in the opening of the collection cup.

    – Press down on the transfer tube to create a vacuum suction. Then continue pressing down until sample fills the transfer tube.

    – The sample will fill the transfer tube in 2-3 seconds.

    – Analyse urine sample in the transfer tube.

  • Fill capacity available: 5ml, 10ml
Cap Style Options
  • evacuated closure
Fill CapacityNeck sizeThreadLengthWidthHeightBottle Weight
5ml 16mmN/A16mm16mm90mmN/A
10ml 16mmN/A16mm16mmN/AN/A