What Does It Mean to Be Craft in The Cannabis Industry?

Craft has become a household name in the cannabis community lately because the demand for high-quality buds increases. Cultivators with good growing skills are slowly rising to the occasion and are producing some outstanding flowers.

Rather than bragging about the size of their facility, smaller cannabis cultivators are taking advantage of highly effective and environmentally optimized techniques to superior market buds. This, in turn, leads to exceedingly outstanding quality cannabis.

To be more specific, several growers believe that to be a craft in the cannabis industry, and your flowers should have the smell from its natural terpenes and not like the chemical additives it was grown in. The flower crystals (trichomes) that produce terpenes should be healthy after harvest.

To be a craft in the cannabis industry, you have to hand-trim your flower instead of using a machine. This is because cannabis processed with the hands shows the characteristic structure of the plant.

To be a craft in the cannabis industry, you need dedication and experience to curate high-quality and potent products. From the growing to the drying process, every step must be done perfectly as it all plays a role in crafting final cannabis products.

Why is a craft so unique in the cannabis industry?

Craft cannabis comes at a higher price than cannabis produced by large-scale growers. This price is due to the passion, care, and unique seed-to-harvest process employed by artisan growers. Commercial growers usually focus on high yield, while small producers focus on the longevity of their small operations by providing consumers different kinds of high-quality cannabis flowers and products.

Craft cannabis growers can put all their efforts into receiving smaller yields than large-scale cultivators. Taking special care of the cannabis plants using climate control, organic pest control, and maintaining a clean facility is essential in making a trichome-rich flower. Craft growers also implement several sustainable practices like using lights when necessary to lower their environmental footprint, an asset for most craft cannabis growers.

While some growers use pesticides to maximize yields, craft cannabis growers only use organic methods that benefit users who know the value of their product. Small-batch producers also use hand-trimmed cannabis over machine-trimmed cannabis to maintain the number of trichomes on flower buds. Hand-trimmed cannabis is more potent and effective.

Craft cannabis manufacturers are distinguishing themselves from traditional cannabis flowers with the help of cannabis packaging companies. Consumers can find beautiful logos, high-quality mason jars, and packages housing their products. For example, cannabis enthusiasts will mostly find craft cannabis flowers in UV-protected glass weed jars. Upscale branding is essential in appealing to a wide variety of consumers.

The attributes of Craft Cannabis

In general, craft cannabis growers use small batches which are both organic and sustainable. Contrary to large-scale marijuana producers, craft growers focus on thoroughly planting and drying each crop after a harvest. With this in mind, here are some common characteristics of craft cannabis

– It is grown on a small scale: Craft cannabis growers use quite a small scale – about 10,000 acres or less – since it needs more manual labour. Small farms are advantageous because farmers can carefully inspect their plants and instantly spot any harm.

It involves extra care and attention: Growing craft cannabis also requires extreme care from start to finish of the cultivation process. Essentially, the craft growers commit to producing highly potent flowers and developing signature strains with delicious terpenes. Instead of using machines, small-batch producers use their hands to trim plants, essential in maintaining potency and quality.

It requires organic farming practices: Growing craft cannabis requires knowledge on the best organic methods to satisfy cannabis consumers. Craft growers use organic pest control methods, maintain clean facilities, and use organic pesticides or chemicals. These factors ensure customer satisfaction in terms of the well-cultivated pot.

Growers specially package craft marijuana: Craft cannabis brands use sleek branding and packaging to differentiate themselves to outshine traditional growers. Upscale and sophisticated packaging attracts consumers who enjoy viewing aesthetically pleasing logos and high-quality cannabis storage jars and packages.

It utilizes environmentally sustainable methods: Craft cannabis is grown under organic and sustainable practices that benefit mother earth. Craft growing techniques are focused on wellness, and they lack pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Hand-packed: Using hands to package ensures product integrity. Instead of crushing large buds into glass weed jars or using a machine to pack mediocre, that is bound to be ineffective, using the hands to do these things makes all the difference.

The benefits of Craft Cannabis

The efficacy of growing craft cannabis can address the ethics, ideals, and identity of a more socially and environmentally cognizant age group. Craft cannabis also meets medical cannabis patients’ demands while meeting the requirement for superior quality cannabis from the older generation.

Environmental Impact and Social Responsibility: Featuring small-batch farming techniques, organic growing methods, and hand processing, craft cannabis makes for a premium quality product. Craft farmers also significantly reduce climate change while paving the way for more social responsibility by facilitating connections between themselves, their communities, and their customers.

Quality and Variety: Cannabis artisans pay personal care and attention to their cannabis crops. Therefore, each aspect of cultivating and manufacturing the product is superior to a mass-produced product. And similar to craft breweries and boutique wineries, craft in the cannabis industry can offer more variety and a larger scale of products.

Bottom line

Craft cannabis is not standard; it’s only for the more socially and environmentally conscious generation. Selective cannabis users may be willing to spend money on having the best possible cannabis experience. Craft cannabis also comes with a variety of genetics that can easily appeal to medical and recreational consumers.

By now, we all know what it means to be a craft in the cannabis industry. Taking factors like small-batch production, hand trimming, extreme care, and the lack of pesticides is what the craft cannabis needs. We all crave to see a beautiful cannabis plant with all its structures and trichomes intact.

The craft cannabis industry is still emerging, and investors need to help craft cannabis suppliers provide financial support and remain independent. Regardless, even without help from the government or investors, the craft cannabis market will still thrive.

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