What is the Best Way to Store Cannabis?

Cannabis storage is constantly evolving. Yet, while it’s rising in popularity, cannabis storage solutions are still on the hideout, with glass jars still tucked away in the basement.

Today, most cannabis enthusiasts use airtight weed storage, glass weed storage jars. These Jars for weed storage come in different sizes to fit any quantity of bud. You can easily pick up these jars for cheap, just about anywhere.

Glass weed storage jars are close to cannabis storage perfection. They easily resist oxygen and don’t change due to residual humidity. These high-end weed storage containers are impermeable to temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, glass won’t release any chemical compounds that could permanently change the aroma of your terpenes. Glass weed jars are not resistant to sunlight. Too much sunlight can make it brittle. To prevent this from happening, use opaque or dark, tinted glass jars.

Storing cannabis properly can increase its longevity. Here are some important tips for long term cannabis storage

Glass is essential

Airtight glass jars are necessary for cannabis longevity. Airtight containers glass allows your cannabis to be consistent. Air and only enter the container when you open it.

Glass storage containers prevent nothing from going in or out. Weed inside a glass jar remains the same unless you expose it to oxygen. Also, glass does not release the pungent smell of cannabis. Your weed will have the same taste as the day you bought it.

Store in cool dark places

Since clear glass attracts light, store your weed in a dark place. Preferably keep your weed in a cupboard or any location in your home that’s always dark. Sunlight can make glass jars sweat, which could make your weed mold.

Direct light exposure works against your cannabis in many ways. The UV rays from light can burn the essential properties of your cannabis buds. Light also brings high amounts of heat which is not good for your stash.

Temperature and Humidity

Ideal temperatures to store your weed are cool and dark places. The temperature should not be colder than 70 degrees. If it surpasses 70 degrees, it can lead to mold. High temperatures can damage your weed because the extreme heat will evaporate most of the cannabinoids and terpenes. This will eventually make your weed become less potent with a much harsher smoke.

Humidity also needs control. While it’s quite hard to control humidity, it’s preferable to maintain 60 percent humidity. Keeping a humidity level above 65 percent may present an issue with mold.

Size matters

When choosing a storage jar, consider how cannabis will look in the jar. Avoid using large jars if you have small amounts of weed. Ensure the size of the jar fits the weed. If there is space in the jar, it will allow oxygen to enter. Also, when your weed begins to reduce, try to use smaller jars.

Store Separately

Different strains of cannabis should be stored in separate containers. Since each strain offers unique properties, we don’t recommend storing them in the same jar.

Regulate Air

While the air may help dry out your buds before storage, it can be detrimental to your yield. Excessive air makes weed too dry, leading to a harsher and less enjoyable smoking experience.

The best way to store weed

To avoid external factors that spoil your weed, it’s best to use airtight weed storage.

When you store weed in an airtight container, place it in a cool, dark place to maintain freshness and potency for long.

It is economical when you keep your weed for up to 6 months. However, you may decide to keep it for longer. But if that’s the case, use a cool dark place in your basement. Basements are good for weed storage because of less light and stable temperatures.

– Fill your glass bottle with weed, keeping space for the humidity pack.

– Toss in a humidity pack, with 60-65% humidity levels.

– Remove air from your weed to help control the moisture. Just open your weed for several minutes to allow moisture to go out.

– Place your jar in a cool, dark place and allow it there until you want to roll something up.


Cannabis storage materials

For high-end weed storage, use the following materials.


Glass is hard and non-biodegradable suitable for long-term cannabis storage. However, since glass is clear, trichomes can degrade due to light. But storing cannabis in a dark place will do the trick. Also, glass can be tinted to black which means its impermeable to light.

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum seal weed storage reduces the rate of oxygen present in a storage container. Oxygen can be detrimental to your buds because it degrades the buds’ color. Low amounts of oxygen also lower the rate of decomposition in your weed. However, a type of bacteria known as Anaerobic bacteria survives in low and no-oxygen environments. The only way to prevent this bacterium is to avoid storing wet buds.

Gas-Based Storage

Storing your cannabis in Gas-flushed, sealed Mylar bags are excellent packaging for long-term storage. Packaging with mylar bags involves flushing the bag with nitrogen and sealing it. Nitrogen doesn’t burn like oxygen and it’s also inert. Gas-based storage increases bud longevity and prevents mold and discoloration, similar to vacuum sealing. Gaspurged bags are also common in the consumer food product packaging industry.

Most common mistakes with weed storage

Storing weed for the best yield will require you to avoid some damaging. This usually includes.

– Freezing

– Filling storage containers to the brim

– Not burping the jars

– Adding extra material

– Using a toxic storage container

Bottom line

Cannabis enthusiasts always want their stash to be fresh even after 6 months. Knowing the best jars for weed storage will allow you to enjoy the prime flavor of weed for longer periods. Therefore, it’s essential to follow the necessary steps to prevent your weed from damage.

Like any other plant, weed can degrade. However, using the best storage methods can slow down the aging process.

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