Since 2012 we have been known as an industry leader in regulatory compliant packaging solutions. We were first introduced as LiquiMedLock after developing unique packaging closure and testing solutions to ensure public health and safety and in support of a harm reduction program in the addiction treatment market segment. As with most controlled substances, clear chain of custody and tamper evidence is paramount in keeping with the provinces and states pharmacy and health regulatory bodies to avert diversion. We understood the challenges of these treatment centres and dispensing pharmacies having to fill prescriptions manually and having to take extra steps to secure the cap and make it tamper evident as well as child resistant. We worked closely with leaders in the addiction space to educate ourselves, learning about Health Canada’s regulations and creating regulatory compliant packaging programs. Our focus is on pharmacy and production efficiencies, clear chain of custody and retail ready compliant packaging solutions.

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What makes our one-step system unique

We offer a one-step closure and container retail ready solutions for flower, oils, tablets and edibles. Key features are:

  • Child Resistant Outer Cap Assembly
  • Inner Cap Assembly
  • Tamper-Evident Band
  • Easy packaging with cost and time savings


All MedLock packaging products are made and designed to comply with federal regulatory standards and initiatives. Our priority will always be aligned with the federal governing bodies for public health and safety, such as Health Canada and the FDA. All of our products are certified and quality guaranteed so you can have peace of mind.

Value Propositions


All MedLock products are fully tested and certified in accordance to Health Canada and FDA requirements.


When it comes to Public Health and Safety, there is no room for error. MedLock products are 100% quality guaranteed, 100% of the time.

Customer Service

MedLock's customers are first priority. We provide technical knowledge, product solutions and customer care.